Monday, April 02, 2007

For the love of....!

"To err is human -- but it feels divine" -- Mae West

For the love of everything Holy, I swear that I'm stuck next to the loudest possible woman in the world across the hall!! I'm in my primary office - a.k.a. the Dissertation Hovel - and there is a senior lecturer across the hall whose voice is unbearably loud and unnecessarily sticky with niceties. I'm sure she's genuine and all, and I'm equally sure she'd consider lowering her voice if I mentioned it to her, but I'd never do it. She just doesn't realize that our walls aren't really walls, but merely paper-thin divider thingies. They're just enough to block "normal -people" voices, but they're no match for Mrs. Loud Nicey-Nice. I seriously can't focus when she's conferencing with a student or talking w/another colleague....Arggghhh...unfocusable (yes, I made up a word) dissertation work makes me cranky!

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