Tuesday, May 10, 2011

RBoG (Random Bullets of Giddiness)

- Now that I have the news from the Assoc. Dean at NES that I'll have three courses for the fall, and two of them are the Women Writers to 1900 course, which I've never taught, I can't stop thinking about all the wonderful possibilities for the course! I'm actually giddy with delight in thinking about which anthology to use, which supplements to include...Should I focus on British women writers because that's really who I'm most interested in? What kind of assignments would work well and are appropriate for this 300-level class? And, how can I make it the Best. Fucking. Women's Writer's Course. Ever!?

- Everything is connected. Getting the third course pretty much gives us the green light on the house, as well as a decent monthly budget. In turn, this means that we can proceed with buying things like furniture, bedding, a bed for our oldest daughter, dishes...you know, things that people kinda need to have when they move into a new house. While in NET (New England Town), I went ahead and picked out a bedroom suit that Hubby and I had agreed upon previously, as well as a mattress/boxspring set. I put down a 20% deposit, and that ensures they'll have it in stock and ready to deliver the day we move in--yay! I also picked out living room furniture, of which Hubby approved, and all I have to do is call to place the order to get it in stock and ready for delivery as well. I'm holding off on dishes because the ones I really, really want
(aren't they gorgeous?)

are almost double what I budgeted. I'll wait and see how all the other expenses turn out--especially the inevitable unexpected ones--before I buy anything. We will, however, need to buy a refrigerator ASAP since the house doesn't come with one. I have one in mind, and we don't have many options because of height issues, but again, I'll wait until we get on the ground before doing the buying.

- The Assoc. Dean was happy to submit a verification of employment to our mortgage lender, and he just passed along the good news that he was able to lock us in at a 4.5% rate for the loan, which is fantastic! Given that the closing costs are approx. $3,400, and we've already put $3,000 down in escrow, the money we'll need for pre-pays and escrow is very reasonable. We're not required to put down anything on the house since we're using the VA loan benefit, thank God!

- The only thing I'm not so giddy about is health insurance. Since we'll technically be unemployed for July and August (our contracts don't begin until September), we'll have no insurance unless we: a) pay for COBRA at over $900/month, b)apply for MassHealth, the state-subsidized Medicaid program that we may or may not qualify for, or c)buy short-term health insurance, which really isn't an option because they don't cover pre-existing conditions and two of us have them. That takes us back to option A: COBRA. In addition, NES has a probationary period of 60 days before employees are covered. This means we'll have to purchase coverage through COBRA for 4 months at more than $900/month. Don't know how we're going to do it just yet, but it has to happen. Right now, we're just saving everything we can, trying to live frugally over here (a difficult feat in Doha), and plan for all the relocation expenses we can foresee.

Many of these things--the good stuff and the bad--have been keeping me from getting any sort of sleep. I don't remember the last time I went to bed before 11:00 p.m. Staying up that late is very rare for me, so most of the time I'm exhausted in the mornings and trying to talk myself out of napping the rest of the day. I don't want to make a habit of taking sleeping pills, but the anti-anxiety meds my U.S. doctor prescribed haven't been helping lately. Not sure if there's anything to do other than just ride it out for the next five weeks.


Anonymous said...

Things are working for good. Have you noticed? Yes, there is a lot to get done. You've had more on your plate and done just fine. You're nearing the end of a long, hard stretch, your Qatar race, don't lose heart now, AcadeMama. :-)

What are you doing for exercise?

You would laugh if you could see me; I am hardly an ad for exercise and healthy living, but I do know that exercise is the one thing that really works in helping sleep. For me, early morning exercise and I sleep great at night. God bless endorphins. Give it a try; it beats getting on that hamster wheel of anxiety and running the pointless run and getting nowhere.

You're doing fine. Haven't you noticed?

I love the china. Love blue and white. You can dine off that set for years and love it. Some things are just worth the splurge. Save on bath towels or something else, LOL.

AcadeMama said...

You're right...things are working for the good, slowly but surely. God is definitely guiding this family, and I'm trying to remember to give it all up to Him.

I've been working out in the clubhouse gym. Fairly heavy weight training, plus 15-45 minutes of cardio at least 3 times a week (more if I can squeeze it in). Usually that helps me sleep well, but my mind has been overpowering my body lately.

Oh you shouldn't encourage me on the dishes!! I'm a sucker for a supporting vote. I'm thinking that since the living room furniture I picked out is *under* the amount I budgeted, I might be able to justify spending the extra money on the dishes. Oooh, and I bet I can bring Hubby on board if I get some matching pieces and call them early birthday presents?? ;P

Anonymous said...

LOL, you have to call them your own bd presents, not his bd presents.

Or, AcadeMama, you could call them a reward for the two years of self-denial you spent in Qatar to buy down your debt and finish you PhD and gain a very interesting line in your resume. :-)

AcadeMama said...

haha..yes, I meant my birthday :) It's in July..I'd never get away with calling them his bday presents.

PS: our reward for our two years in Doha is a trip to DisneyWorld with our daughters! We're going July 1-7. The height of summer tourist season, but that's just the way the schedule worked out. The girls are beyond excited!!