Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Catching Up is Hard to Do

So, things actually got a bit worse...and a bit better.

The better:
Baby E is finally 100% healthy! YEAH!! She had a fabulous time at Nana's and spent Spring Break making major leaps: she started laughing, she started reaching out with both hands to grasp an object in front of her, she finally enjoyed some baby food (a whole jar of sweet potatoes!), and some of her hair filled in (she's pretty much bald).

And, I got to see my friend in rehab.

The worse:
I got sick -- yes, again! We were supposed to come back home on Saturday to avoid the Spring Break traffic, but I woke up at 4:00 a.m. puking my guts up, with fever, chills, the works.

I'm sooooo far behind in everything. From balancing the checkbook and laundry to re-stocking the grocery supply and getting some dissertation work done. I've decided that if I haven't produced what I feel is an adequate amount of writing in the next 30 days, then I'm going to ask my advisor to start giving me deadlines. I really don't want to have to do that, but I keep letting other things take up my time: runing errands during the work day to avoid being away from the kids in the evening or doing house chores during the day (for the same reason). This really has to stop because I only get 2 full work days a week to work on my dissertation. The other 3 days are mainly spent working at the office where I'm funded through my department.

Catching up is hard to do, but I've gotta get to doing now.

*Editorial Note: yes, this post has been edited. I've got reasons.


wwwmama said...

I'm feeling the same way about getting work done. But we can do it. We just need to get back into our groove and keep writing time sacred.
I'm glad you got to see your friend. It will take time, but at least she's in rehab.

Lilian said...

Thanks for the lovely comment. Good thing the baby's better and that you got to see your friend. I hope you're all better soon and is all caught up as well. Over here I'm slowly but surely making progress in the dissertation front. I want to post about it, but only after I have worked some more like a good girl (oh yeah, as if I even were a good girl work wise ;) )