Saturday, May 26, 2007

Epic Family Road Trip

Right after my father's visit last week, hubby, Hurricane H, Baby E, and I loaded into the car for the trip to my home state. During this time, Baby E had a relapse and was prescribed yet another antibiotic for a sinus/ear infection that had possibly moved into her eyes?? She started getting green matter in the corner of her eyes, and the doctor suggested that antibiotics don't always circulate evenly in the body, and her eyes might not be getting adequate treatment from the current antibiotic. He prescribed her some eyedrops, and luckily my dad (my stepdad, but I call him my dad) is a pharmacist, so we got the srip filled super fast on Monday. She started feeling better pretty quickly, which was great, because on Tuesday we hit the road again.

Along with my mom, we headed up to Missouri for my cousin's graduation. The trip was fairly uneventful, and the baby was the best traveller of all!! It was a whirlwind of a visit, and keeping up with all the baby gear, medicine, and accoutrements was a freaking chore of itself! We headed back to home state on Thursday, just in time for my husband to come down with a stomach bug --- I know, I know, it just keeps getting better, huh? While he spent almost the entire day in bed yesterday, I took care of the baby, got H ready to go to her dad's for the weekend (her natural father lives in home state), washed bottles, did laundry, etc. and tried my best to keep my distance from hubby and his germs! I banished him to another bedroom for sleeping and wouldn't let him come near the baby.... Too bad my mom didn't follow the same protocol :( She's in bed now. Has been all day. She caught the bug.

Now, H is at her dad's, hubby is better and watching some stupid History Channel special on dogfighting-warfare, and the baby is napping. I'm already ready to be back home in College Town, working my usual schedule and getting back in touch with friends. But I'm stuck here for now, so I think I'll treat myself to the rare treat of reading some Glamour magazine :)

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