Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Planning Ahead

In other news, I've started the tracking process that goes along with trying to conceive when you have a borderline case of PCOS. I'm not overweight, have no insulin problems, and I'm not diabetic. I do, however, have horribly irregular menstrual cycles (thanks Mom!), which usually last between 30-38 days. What we discovered while trying to get pregnant with E is that my FSH levels are not in proportion with the Lh levels, causing me to have cycles that are sometimes anovulatory. For example, with every three cycles, I may only ovulate once. Since time is of the essence and I'm a Pregnancy Planner (gasp!), we really need to conceive within the late-July to October window, as I'm hoping to stay home with the baby over the summer. I can't get pregnant before July because a) I don't want to be visibly pregnant while on the market in December and b) I don't want to be delivering a baby during the Spring 09 semester, when I'm team-teaching an upper-level class with my advisor.

Thus, the peeing in a cup has begun. Unlike many women, my peak fertility days are *never* days 12-15. When I got pregnant with E - the only month I got a positive ovulation test - it was Day 21 when the stick turned purple. I start the Lh tests around day 16 and test until I see a positive result or the next cycle begins (the latter is always a frustrating and disappointing scenario). My hope is that by late-July, I'll have a decent recorded history of the past 3-4 cycles and a better idea of which days will be the most fertilicious!

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