Monday, May 25, 2009

Random Bullets of Yuck

  • For what it's worth, I fucking hate bathing suits right now. I've discovered one of the undesirable consequences of having a baby in late April is the impossibility of being "swimsuit season ready" by the time the pools open in this town. Seriously, after trying on several, I couldn't bring myself to take the girls to the pool and be seen in public, so I had Hubby take them instead. I'll just sit home and be disgusted with myself, thanks.
  • I'm not breastfeeding anymore. Kinda by choice, but in a way not. One of those rock/hard place kinda things. Formula stinks (literally).
  • H decided she'd run away on Saturday. Yes, she did. She ran around the block a few times--in the rain--then came home to a shitstorm of trouble. She's grounded. From, like, everything.
  • I feel like I'm clearly fucking up my oldest child somehow (see above bullet). Seriously, I must be doing something wrong, really wrong.
  • Yesterday morning, a discussion about disciplinary duties for H turned into a major fight with Hubby....Unbeknownst to us, H was eavesdropping from behind the couch in the next room....that's just great.
  • I want desperately to be able to go to the gym each day, but I feel like I can't ask Hubby to take over with the kids while I do so because that will cut into his work day, which equals cutting into his ability to finish up his dissertation in time to defend before the deadline in a few weeks.
  • The in-laws are coming on Friday. The good news is that they're getting a hotel. The better news is that I'll be gone for most of Saturday to take H to meet my mom (H is going back to Home State for her Summer Tour). I hope I'm in a better mood before they arrive.


M said...

I'm sorry things are so yucky right now. Cut yourself some slack. I imagine everyone in the family, perhaps with the exception of H and A, is exhausted and a bit stressed. You just had a baby and are going through another major life change with the move. Things are bound to suck a bit.

M said...

I meant with the exception of E and A. I'm sure H is a bit sleep deprived herself with all the changes going on.

mchalehm said...

This is a kind of random place to leave this comment--but I just found your blog. I've enjoyed reading it; we have a lot in common. (Indeed, I stumbled across it because your blog title is my username in a lot of places!) I'm a dissertation-writing ABD and a mom to 2. (I blog at

Anyway, I'll be reading. Congrats on the new babe; sorry you're having a rough time.

thursdaynext.21 said...
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