Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Blood Money and iPods

Wanna know the funny thing about having a father who fucked you over? The blood money that can be given trying to make it better.

During his recent visit, my NF ("natural" father) wasn't able to produce a card, but he sure could show me the money. $300 cold hard cash. It's blood money. I know that, my husband knows it, and my mom knows it. It doesn't change a damn thing, but I'll take it....right to the store to get my very own first iPod! At least half anyway.

I'm using the other half for hubby and I to take H to a new waterpark that's about 2 1/2 hours drive away. It is consistently voted one of the top waterparks in the country!! She's gonna love it!

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M said...

Take it and have fun with your ipod--I love mine! I haven't seen my biological father since I was 12, so I understand the conflicted feelings you have toward your NF.