Thursday, November 22, 2007

By Request: The Superglue Story

By request of mgm (in a comment on my 7 things post), here's the infamous superglue story.

When I was 11, I was trying to open a tube of superglue - you know the kind with the plastic screw-off tip - while sitting in the living room recliner. I couldn't get the tip off with my hands, so I went to Plan B: using my teeth. Just as I was gripping the tip between my back teeth, my brother came around the corner, from behind the chair, and knocked into my elbow, thereby shoving the tube across my canine teeth. My canine teeth are somewhat pointy, so they easily pierced the tube of superglue, as it gushed through my mouth and the back of my throat---ugh!

I don't know whether it was the texture, the taste, or the mere knowledge of what was oozing around in my mouth, but my immediate reaction was to start gagging. It turns out that gagging is quite difficult when one's teeth are GLUED SHUT! My grandma was watching my brother and I at the time, so she called 911 and my mother, who rushed home and took me to the ER.

Alas, I lived. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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mgm said...

I am so honored that you granted my request for the tale!

Incredible chain of events . . . and not so bizarre when you know the whole story.