Monday, November 05, 2007

Here's a New One: A Screw In My Shoulder

Okay, seriously, we've all heard some pretty bad excuses from students about why they couldn't be in class, why they didn't turn their work in on time, or why they must absolutely be given one more chance to do a major project correctly.

But, what - I say what the hell - does one say to the student who, after missing class today, e-mails a short message to indicate that the attached picture [yes, there was indeed an attached picture of an x-ray photo with what appeared to be a nail in someone's shoulder] is the reason why ze missed class?
And further,

- that ze has no idea how it got there (must have been one helluva night)
- ze has already been "opened up" by a doctor today, but the doctor couldn't remove it
- another surgery has been scheduled, which might put ze out for a few days, but ze is bound and determined to come to Wednesday's class no matter how ze feels

I mean, really...WTF? I'm tempted to just say, "Sorry to hear about your bad luck. Make sure to get a doctor's note for that." because this student has already missed over a week of class and has performed miserably throughout the semester. Why this person is even still hanging around, I'm not sure...

So I ask, what would you say???


mom said...

Grr. I'm always torn. Sometimes when a student is that much of a screw up, I'm inclined to be flexible, so that they can be 100% clearthat they failed on their own -- not because I was tough stuff.

As a funny side bar. When I was an undergrad, I wanted to miss an 8:30am Friday class the day after a very big annual party my senior year. I told the professor in advance that I was having my teeth out and then brought in my teeth (extracted months earlier) to show him on Monday. He didn't want to see them. My point? Well, if I had really had my teeth out, I would not have felt so eager to prove it.

You can tell him your bloggy friend said he's full of bs, if you like.

Lisa Dunick said...

wow-- that's a new one. Even better than "I was coughing up blood." I'd say a doctor's note is definitely in order-- or you could just ask to see the scar :)

Sarah said...

Ha! Maybe you should do a Google image search of xray screw shoulder and see if you find his picture!

mgm said...

ooh, that's a good one. I agree with mom. that's too much proof for what has kept this student out of class.

and, mom has a point, too, about being flexible just to prove to the student that it's his or her fault.

thursdaynext.21 said...

I didn't know that hospital rooms had internet capabale computers, so patients could email their teachers in between surgeries!

mgm said...

thursday, when i was in the hospital after i had my son, there was a swivel stand with a monitor on it and i had internet access! crazy, huh?

AcadeMama said...

mom: I think you're right about the "proof" thing...this is way too much effort

ld: I love the idea of asking to look at his scar! If not for the worry of being accused of harassment, that would be easiest way to go...and I'd just love to see the look on his face when I asked to see it :)

sarah: I googled it (and variations of it) and no luck...although there were some close pics. It's kinda scary how easy it would be to use someone else's x-ray photo

thursday: there's no telling what hospitals provide now...I know someone who recently gave birth and was on her laptop in the hospital room 4 or 5 hours later --crazy!