Saturday, March 08, 2008

Look Ma, No Car!

There once was a car that did not look like this:

A car that was valuable only to us as a dependable, grocery-getting, perfect vehicle for a family of four. It was the first vehicle I paid for, on my own, every penny. The insurance company called Friday evening to let us know they weren't even going to bother sending an adjustor, given the car's age and the extent of the damage. They're picking it up on Monday and taking it to their Total Loss Storage Facility. They said we should get an offer late Wednesday or early Thursday. We have a rental until then, and all we can do is wait.

I have so much work to do over Spring Break, that I can't even imagine where I'm going to fit in time to think about all the used car ads my husband and I will be poring over during the next few days. For once, despite my Total Control Freak nature, I sort of wish some magical fairy could come in and make The Right Decision and all things related to the searching, calling, checking out, purchasing, tagging and titling of the new car would be taken care of without me every needing to look up from the piles of papers to be graded, award applications to be completed, and dissertation chapter to be finished.

The girls are now safe and sound at their Nana's house in Home State. Tomorrow morning will be the very first time since E's birth in October 2006 that my husband and I will be able to sleep in together! We'll only have a few days of alone time, as he's going up to Home State on Wednesday, but it's both exciting and comforting to think of the quality time we'll have for the next few days :)

And thank you to all my friends who commented, e-mailed, and/or called to send me good thoughts or see if they could help with anything! Your thoughtfulness is so generous, kind, and very much appreciated. For now, we're okay....we just wait and see what the offer is, then go from there.

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Jennie said...

Oh, thank goodness you're all okay! But I'm sorry you're having to deal with the aftermath. My husband drives a car that is 14 years old and worth absolutely nothing to anybody but us, because it gets him back and forth from work and costs us nothing more than the gas, so I hear ya. Good luck!