Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Au Revoir!

Unfortunately, I'm in the same exact state I was in before my first big Kindergarten field trip: unable to sleep and ready to go! My mom could tell my body and mind were just not going to wind down for the evening, so she was kind enough to share one half of a Xanax in the hopes it might help me sleep. I feel no. kind. of. tired. Sigh.

My mom and I actually have had a wonderful couple of days. We did a bit of shopping, running errands, etc. She even bought me a few small things!! She would've bought more, as she hates to pass up a hoodie sweater on clearance at Kohls for $2.60, but I knew I'd be unlikely to wear it (loved the pattern, but not a fan of hoods). She ironed my clothes today, folded laundry, took the girls for a walk while I made dinner - it was great. The girls have gone to their respective Montessori/day camp programs so that Mom can catch her breath and settle into our routine before I leave, which has left her and I with some rare quality time.

I laid out most of my clothes, shoes, important documents, and technology (camera, laptop, etc.) this evening, so I really only have to throw everything in the suitcase tomorrow. I've even already checked in online and printed my boarding pass! I should be able to rest....arggh, I want to sleep! I'll head to bed and see how long it takes to fall asleep :-)


supadiscomama said...

Have fun!!!

Amy Reads said...

Have a great trip!
Take notes on the tea for us!

Jennie said...

Have a great trip! [Secret tip: a little Nyquil during the final boarding call--gives you a nice little transatlantic sleep so you'll be fresh for an AM arrival in London]

mgm said...

Bon voyage!! Can't wait to hear all the details.

M said...

Have so much fun!