Thursday, July 10, 2008

Sexy Much?

At Separation of Spheres, M's post on two celebrities' experiences with feeling sexy (or not) during pregnancy introduces a topic that I've always found interesting: the sexy maternal body. As Hubby and I are about two weeks away from our first efforts to conceive our third child, the idea of being pregnant all over again is both exciting and somewhat....well, bleh. I love being pregnant, I really do! No matter the morning sickness, the sore boobs, the stretch marks and back pain, I never feel more content in life than when pregnant. It brings me a peace that I never experience at any other time in my life. But, after two pregnancies, I learned that each one is different. This means that, despite my experience at this, the third time could and likely will bring some possibly unwelcome surprises. I don't like surprises folks. I dont' want to get ahead of myself, so I'll stop here...But I do want this [pregnancy] to happen again, and with my hormone issues, it's just not a guarantee that it will happen easily or quickly. So if everyone could send some happy fertility thoughts my way, I'd be most grateful.


M said...

You know, I wrote that post b/c my feelings about pregnancy are sort of conflicted. I'm not going to say I loved being pregnant, but I certainly didn't hate it either. What I loved about it was that for the only time in his life I had Wild Man (even though I didn't know he was either Wild or a Man) entirely to myself. But by the end of my 8th month (keeping in mind I'm all 5' 3" tall) was that I had Wild Man all to myself.

As for sexiness, to be 100% honest, this is something I struggle with when I'm not pregnant. I have moments when I feel sexy, but, like most women I suppose, I don't feel sexy every single moment of the day. And I'm not entirely certain pregnancy can make a woman feel more sexy--at least not by the end and certainly not if she's carrying twins and on bed-rest.

That said, we're keeping our fingers crossed that things go the way you want.

mgm said...

I'm with m on the "I had my baby all to myself" thing. I'm short, too (5'0"), and got to be closer to 200 lbs than I'd like to admit. I was miserable, uncomfortable, and felt like a beached whale, but I felt like I was the only one who knew Skeet. Even now, I know that I will always know him differently than everyone else who ever knows him because, for so long, he was as much a part of me as my own limbs.

We hope to have a second soon, too, and I hope that this (future and hypothetical) pregnancy is different in a more positive way. I hope I feel better about it and myself. Will I feel sexy? Doubt it.

And, I echo m again, good luck!