Tuesday, July 22, 2008

You've Come a Long Way Baby!: In the Wrong Direction

As if baby pageants and beauty contests for little girls (and sometimes boys too) wasn't sufficient evidence for the continued cultural practice of sexing our kids up for adult pleasure, parents of daughters can now dress their baby girls in the latest hooker wear! Heelarious is happy to provide the latest in sexpot footwear for your infant daughter. It's perfect for lounging in the crib or a playdate at her pimp's house.

The only thing worse than the mere concept of high heels for infants is the fact that the vice-president of the company is a woman: Lindsay Lefler. The story for how the company got started is a failed attempt to make the product seem harmless, as well as excuse the cluelessness of its founders as to the implications this product holds for baby girls and the parents who purchase the stripper shoes.

Though I don't necessarily agree with every word, a more in-depth critique of the many problems with this product can be found here.


mgm said...

I could puke.

And, I fear, my brother's MIL would buy the leopard print ones for my niece.

M said...

Worse than that mgm, I fear my MIL would buy these for me if Wild Man had been the granddaughter she so desperately wanted. The shoes and a collection of Madame Alexander dolls.

Seriously, I'm all for women starting their own businesses, but really? High-heeled crib shoes? I am so astounded and appalled that I really have no idea what to say.

Lisa Dunick said...

I saw that too--I thought, how unbelievably ridiculous!