Friday, August 01, 2008

I'm Trying to Work in Here!

As I've sat in my office all day, trying to work on the dissertation, I have

  • heard much swearing by the construction workers who are installing/fixing/constructing the new sprinkler systems in our building;
  • heard much spitting and phlegm-hocking from aforementioned workers
  • heard a variety of racial slurs directed at the "Mexican" boys from [nearby town, not in Mexico]...also coming from said workers
  • been so hard-pressed in trying to concentrate on my work that I'm tempted to take the elevator to the top floor of this building and jump to my death in protest of having to work while this kind of crap is going on around me

That is all.


Amy Reads said...

Hi Academama,
And to think that next week you get the sounds of This Humble Author moving into her Humble New Office, right across the hall from you ;)
Prepare your ears for the sound of moving a ton of books down the long hallway!
Amy, who feels your pain, as they were breaking up the street Right Outside of the building where she taught this summer

AcadeMama said...

I keep forgetting you'll be my office neighbor! I can't imagine that the sounds of your moving in won't be drowned out by the Men Working in the Hall. If this is indeed the case, I've planned a quick getaway and prepared myself to work from home if I must.

Let me know if you need some help with anything....I feel like I should bring muffins or something to welcome you :)

M said...

I agree the construction has been annoying, but I'm quite happy that our University has decided to upgrade the sprinkler system and fire alarms, as I have no desire to die (nor do I want any of my friends to die once I leave Southwest College Town) in a fiery inferno that I'm quite certain an annoyed student has planned for all of us.

AcadeMama said...

m: LOL!! kudos for pointing out the benefit of a survival strategy against the burning flames of metaphorical Hell...damn us Liberals...Maybe I'll be safe, though, since my office in located near what has now come to be known as the Conservative Ghetto?