Friday, August 29, 2008

Obama Drama: One Tiny Complaint

Conclusion: Great speech. If I wasn't watching the next President of the United States, it certainly felt like it.

Pros: Love all the shout-outs to the single working moms in the world. If they ran this country, some shit would definitely be getting taken care of in a hurry.

Con: The back-handed attempt to concede some sort of quasi-liberal position toward same-sex couples. After claiming the certain ability to find a middle-ground on guns (between defending the 2nd Amendment and keeping AK-47s off the streets) and other issues, he then went on to allow that, surely, same-sex couples can have the right visit their loved ones in the hospital.

Gee thanks...I understand that he couldn't stick his neck out too far given the time, event, etc. But, if this was the best he could offer in the moment, I think he would've been better off not saying anything with regard to same-sex issues. It just felt so condescending, but even that isn't exactly the right word.

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Lisa Dunick said...

I agree- totally.