Monday, September 01, 2008

Keep Giving McCain the Rope, and He'll Do the Rest

Somehow, McCain didn't think to ask Sarah Palin if she was expecting any illegitimate grandchildren anytime soon. I guess this is the sort of the thing one doesn't discuss on the first date with a potential VP candidate. Really, the religious right is gonna love this!


Lisa Dunick said...

I know- hilarious ain't it?? And what's even better is that if you count the months between her son's birthday and her elopement--the one to save money from having a big fancy wedding....hee hee

But at least the 17 year old is getting married ASAP. Because at 17, you're really ready to make those kinds of decisions

M said...

I, unfortunately, think you're wrong, AcadeMama. Yes, the religious right is likely to comment on her unmarried status, but I guarantee that Bristol Palin has just become the poster-girl for the Right to Life campaign.

AcadeMama said...

m: I'm sure she has, but that isn't what's going to persuade American voters to get behind the virtually unknown Palin. Try as they may to make everyone believe McCain knew about this all along, and no matter how they frame this as a loving family supporting their daughter, which is all well and good, the separate issue is that Palin is a staunch abstinence-only sex education supporter. Call me idealistic, but I think American voters are smart enough to ask Palin: "How's that working for ya?"

mgm said...

I have to agree with m. And, well, it's already happening. The baby-daddy's gonna be at the convention tonight.

This woman's selection as the veep on the McAged ticket makes me so angry I cannot see straight. I've been an Obama supporter from the beginning even though I love Hillary Clinton. However, I am so offended by the notion that all McCain needs to do to gain women's votes is throw up a vagina . . . no scrath that . . . a shiny object . . . no scratch that . . . an experienced . . . no scratch that . . . a female replacement to distract us from the issues.

Did you hear Samantha Bee on The Daily Show the other night? She said she'd vote for McCain because, though Palin is Clinton's "ideological opposite," she's her "gynocological twin."

Sorry. Had to get that off my chest.