Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Can We Find a Way to Put This on National TV?

Beautifully said and entirely true.


mgm said...

I love this. I just posted it a couple of days ago, and frankly, after having to listen to Palin mock and belittle Obama, it felt good to see someone productively articulate my disgust.

Anonymous said...

I sure hope we have the last laugh. I'm terrified by the media's response to Palin, how they are fawning all over her, even on CNN: "well, she didn't actually ban any books. She talked about how to ban books and threatened to fire the local librarian, but it didn't actually HAPPEN." Gee, thanks, like that makes me feel better about this crazy woman being VP?

I won't live in a theocracy. We had a semi-serious discussion last night at dinner about other places we might flee to this time, wondering how long it takes to get European citizenship. No place is perfect, but this place is less and less like the America I grew up believing in and loving. The lunatic fringe had eight years of Bush and now they want four more -- I just cannot imagine how I'm going to feel on election day. Frankly, Obama isn't doing a good enough job right now addressing these lunatics. The dems still seem to feel they can fight Rovian tactics with logic, with sound discourse. I don't think they can. I think the "average American" is someone I can no longer relate to, if they see an image of themselves in someone as scary and extreme as Sarah Palin. I wish I had greater faith in the electorate, but this week I am really scared.

I really do wish we had Hillary up there, fighting this nonsense. She must be saying a lot of "I told you so" under her breath right now.