Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Best Student One-Liners

After my friend Sarah pointed out the great humor in the first line of one of my student's essays, I decided it must be shared with the world:

"In O'Connor's 'A Good Man is Hard to Find', O'Connor's characters represent a wide variety of different things."

Aren't you glad he had something clear and concise to say?


Sarah said...

Langston Hughes wrote many poems.

canuck_grad said...

I usually comment on blogs as canuck_grad, but didn't have a google account for that name so I never comment on blogs that don't allow anonymous comments. So I actually had to go make a new google account, because I couldn't not post this:

In this paper, I will take an inept look at....

(I assume they meant to say in depth?)

AcadeMama said...

canuck: glad you went to the trouble, as this is truly priceless! Either the writer meant in depth, or he/she was being brutally honest about the work?