Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Speaking of Students

Mine will be getting an early Halloween treat today. I've purchased 4 tons of Halloween candy this morning, which I'll use to thank them for their wonderful class discussion and participation on Monday. On Friday, I'd reminded them that class participation counts for 15% of their grade, and only a few of them had an A at this point. This was a timely reminder, as my teaching was being observed on Monday by the director of the writing program in my department, who will be writing my "teaching" letter of recommendation for the job market. I wanted to make sure my kids brought their A-game, so I gave them the instructions to read the text (1st act of ) as if they'd have to teach it themselves. I think they expected a quiz, but I just wanted to make sure they started bringing up their level of class participation.

The reminder worked, and the class was AMAZING! Great discussion, debate, questions, etc. All I had to do was sit back and direct traffic. When I met with the director after class, she said she'd never seen participation at that level, as average participation is 80%. My class? All but one student contributed to the discussion!! So, they did themselves a great service and, in turn, helped me out as well. Candy for all!

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Mana G said...

You would have been my favorite professor when I was an undergrad, if I had had you. Or, maybe second favorite: I did have a professor who made us all the most wonderful fresh-baked bread on our last class day, and she occasionally gave away books, as she was trying to "declutter" her office. Still, free candy, (and what sounds like a brilliant teaching style), would've definitely put you up there in my estimation.