Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Temporary Single Parent

Where have I been? Oh, here...being a single parent for a while.

Hubby and Hannah flew back to the States for Spring Break, and the two little ones are also on Spring Break. So, I'm home with them, though I still have to teach two days this week. Hubby left last Thursday, and I came home to an unexpected gut-wrenching feeling. While we lived in the US, he'd gone out of state before while I stayed home with one of the girls, and I had no problem. We missed him, but I was cool. Here? Totally different story...I felt vulnerable, empty, anxious. I kept thinking, "What happens if I'm injured in a car wreck? Who will they call? Where will my daughters be taken?" To make things worse, Amelia got sick the night they left, so I got about 4 hours sleep for the whole night. I don't think I showered at all the next day...still something that has to be timed just right. For example, I set my alarm for 6:00 am this morning, but it just happened to be a night when Amelia slept through the whole night, so she woke up at 6:00 starving for a bottle. No shower for Mommy.

By very expensive private arrangement, both girls are going to daycare tomorrow and Thursday, so I'll be able to make it to campus and meet with students, get work done, etc. The time without Hubby has gotten better in the sense that we have a rhythm now, and we've talked to him every day. Eliza is missing him terribly :( We have numbered tick marks on the dry erase board that we keep on the fridge, so she can see how many more days until Daddy comes home. Friday cannot come soon enough!


M said...

I know how hard this is--as you know C was recently out of the country too (although we're at least on the same continent). I have a shower tip for you. On nights when I'm with the boys by myself, we have what I call a "family shower." This means that the boys both sit in the tub while I shower, and they play in the water. I then wash them after I'm clean. When we're all clean, I turn off the shower and run a bath for the boys. I dry off and get dressed while they play in the water. It isn't ideal, by any stretch (and only works if your kids like showers), but at least it guarantees that everyone is clean.

AcadeMama said...

M: Oh, how I wish I could do this! I think Eliza would probably handle it okay, but Amelia is a complete spaz in the bath. She loves it all a bit too much, so she stands up and throws her arms to the water to splash herself. She won't sit still for two seconds, trying to walk, crawl, roll, etc. all over the place. We have to literally get in the tub with her (we sit on a stool), wash her quickly, then get her out ASAP before she gives herself a concussion. Even when she slips (which is frequent), falls, and gets water in her mouth, she gets right back up and does the same thing all over again. Seriously, I'd rather bathe a trio of cats at the same time than bathe this child!

M said...

Bear isn't mobile yet, so that definitely makes it easier. And Wild Man is fairly careful as he remembers falling in the tub, hitting his head, and needing stitches.

It sounds like bathing Amelia is an adventure!