Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I'm Getting Published!

Woohoo!! The proposal I submitted to an edited collection on a non-dissertation-related topic has been accepted for publication! Very exciting, considering the proposal I submitted for the ASECS panel did not get accepted (but I'm trying out a second option there).

Anywho, totally excited about getting published, especially with a good press, but I'm already feeling the stress of the fact that a) the essay has yet to be written and b) there is a deadline--eek. I don't know how much time is usually given for these things, but they want my essay by January 31st, because the senior editor at the press wants to move quickly on the collection, having it out/published in 2012. So, I have approximately 3-4 months to complete the research for and write this 20-25 page addition to preparing all the job letters, materials, etc. I can do this, right? I have to do this!

I'm doing this!

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L said...

Congratulations, that's awesome!!