Sunday, September 26, 2010

Second Try Worked!

The original proposal I sent in for an ASECS panel did not get accepted, but within an hour, I had it revised and sent it off to a proposed roundtable, and it was accepted--yay! So, with the exception of actually landing a job, I have accomplished 2 of my 3 professional goals for the academic year:

1) Get something accepted for publication
2) Get something accepted for ASECS

Go team!

This past week has been really rough because Eliza started her new an official school. It's an international school based on the British curriculum system. Most of the students are either Dutch or American, but she'll still be gettting Arabic lessons, so I hope she remembers something from the spring. She's got the uniform (which is darling!), the school-issued bag, PE kit, and everything. I love the school and her teacher, and it will be a great experience for her. The only downside is that she has to be there by 7:30 a.m.!! ACK! I know, I know...lots of parents have to drop their kids off at this time to be at work by 8:00, but it's been a heck of a long time since *I've* been one of those parents, so it will take some adjusting. Anyway, lots of sleep deprivation and trying to figure out how to balance the research needed to complete this essay, get grading under control, and apply for jobs has ensued. I've finished all but a few of my job letters, and I think I have a plan for scheduling each type of "work": 1 day job stuff, 1 day of all teaching stuff, and 3 days of solid research & writing. More realistically, this means some of my grading will have to come home with me on occasion, but I've done that before, so no big deal.

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Anonymous said...

You are where you are for a reason, and there will be time to do all the things you need to do, including parenting :-) Meanwhile, who are you to say that a school would not want to hire you? You have a unique work history; working in an alien environment shows initiative and resilience, and might attract someone's eye. As someone who has done interviewing and hiring, I can tell you hiring is not always a rational process.