Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Random Good (and Potentially Good) Things

  • I got my first dossier request last week! On one hand, YAY TEAM! On the other hand, it's from a really good school, and I don't think I'm "the one" they're really looking for. I can totally do what they're looking for (at least what they describe in the ad), but it's not primary focus. I probably won't even get an interview request after they read my additional material, but it's a nice way to start the job market season.

  • Have I mentioned that Hubby and I are going to the USMC Birthday Ball? If not, we are, and it's next month, and apparently the thing to do in Doha is to have one's dress tailor- made. So, I did! I found a couture dress by Jovani, which I fell absolutely in love with, and I took a picture of it to a local tailor...and voila...I go pick it up today. The whole process is unbelievable to me. You take the picture, he sketches out the dress, making any changes you want, then he takes your measurements, tells you how much material you need (and what kind). Then, you hop across the street to the fabric souq and buy the material. This is a picture of my tailor's shop...check out the dress in the storefront.

I've already had two fittings, so I know the dress fits beautifully. I'm just amazed to have such a stunning, simple, formal gown made precisely to fit *my body*.

  • Makeup: well, why stop at a couture gown, I ask? Thinking this will be the only time that I have a reason for and the financial means to look truly mahvelous, I have reserved an appointment with a professional MAC artist to have my makeup done. Like, she has an artist's portfolio, and she's done photo shoots for national ads and stuff! And get this---it's going to be airbrushed!! I've never had airbrushed makeup before, and I feel all naive and child-like, imagining that my makeup will be flawless, and for once, I really will be pretty :)
  • If, that is, ...I can get the hair. For the first time, I'm trying a salon in Doha on Saturday. The master stylist that my friend recommended isn't accepting new clients, but if I'm happy with the job one of the other stylists does this weekend, then I'm going to see if I can convince her (the master stylist) to do my hair just for the Ball. I'm a little nervous about this haircut and highlights....God, I hope she doesn't screw up my hair.

Yes, I realize this post was all about me and shallow things about me, at that...But, you know, it's just what I had to talk about right now, and it's my damn blog.


Intlxpatr said...

LLOOLL! It's YOUR damn blog and the Marine Ball is a big deal. How wonderful to have the perfect gown made for you.

BTW, tailor made clothing is one of the best investments in Qatar. I do not regret a single thing. They have truly fabulous fabrics on the Dira'a souk, even Liberty of London and Italian linens to die for. It is not cheap, but a well made suit will last forever. :-)Think Christmas!

AcadeMama said...

Hubby was going to have a tux made, but he waited too late, and the tailor was taking 15 days off for Eid Al-Adha. He had to settle for having his suit taken in a bit, and it has a more tailored fit now. Once he found out how inexpensive it is, though, he declared he'd be getting at least 2or 3 new suits made before we leave. As for me, I'm thinking about having another gown made, just as a sort of "back-up" gown in color (rather than the navy gown I wore for the ball).