Saturday, January 08, 2011

Interview Success

Whether I get a campus visit or not, the interview was beautifully! No weird questions, no tricky questions to decipher, and no fumbling answers. They asked typical questions about my dissertation, my future research, and my courses, and I was prepared for all of those (without sounding scripted). It was like a conversation with two lovely colleagues that I'd love to work down the hall from....really, it couldn't have gone better.

There's no second-guessing how I could have answered this question or that question better. I feel like I gave them solid, specific answers for everything, and even better, they expressed seemingly genuine interest in my dissertation topic and my syllabi and course plans (i.e. they commented on my syllabi more than once).

I don't know how many people they interviewed, but it doesn't really matter. I did my best, and I walked away feeling like I knocked it out of the park! Even if I don't get this job, I'll be okay...But still, I'd really, really, really, LOOOVVVEEE to get this job. So, you know, send good job vibes this way if you have a moment.


The Lecturer said...

I knew knew knew you would totally rock the Casbah. :) Congrats on a great interview! Proud of and for you. Hugs and more hugs.

Anonymous said...

Sending good job vibes! Sending good job vibes!

And I hope somehow your relationship thing with your Mother resolves. If not - AcadeMama, there are some things we just don't control. Take a deep breath and move on. Live your life, keep your Mom in your prayers and ask for what you need.

I hope you get this job. You've done your season in purgatory, LOL.