Thursday, January 11, 2007

Thank GOD!...It's SOLD!

A weight has just been lifted off my shoulders...and my bank account! A house I bought in my home state right after my oldest was born (and after my divorce, but before I started my graduate career) is FINALLY selling!! I rented it out for the first five years I was gone, and it worked out pretty well, until 2 stupid boys trashed it! My mom (who will likely receive many posts devoted only to her) fronted the almost $3000 cost for the repairs that were required just to get it on the market, and I put it up for sale last July. Unfortunately, the real estate market hit the dumps at the same time and the town is almost completely stagnant in terms of people moving there (or having a reason to). Thus, it sat there for 6 months, with my mom - again - footing the mortgage bill on it each month. She was confident all along that it would eventually sell, and she knows she'll get her money back. But it just killed me to be owing her this whole time, knowing that every month another several hundred dollars was being tacked on to my tab!!! My realtor called me with a CASH offer from a buyer a couple of days ago, I countered, and she called me today to let me know that the buyer accepted my counteroffer and they want to close in 30 days!! AND there will still be a little bit of money left after closing to give my mom a nice down payment on the money I owe her....Aaahhhhh...just a drop of goodness in a week that's had a large share of tears. Now, I'm off to continue my happy dance!


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