Wednesday, January 03, 2007

I Survived...and much more!

First, I survived the very first multiple-day and night visit from my in-laws, who stayed with us for three nights between x-mas and New Year's Day! This is a big feat, as I wasn't offended or insulted even once by my mother-in-law. The visit actually went very well. However, it's good to have our space back. My 7 yr old is especially glad because she had turned over her bedroom to give them a place to sleep. I must admit there was something comforting about my husband and both my daughters sleeping in the same room. The baby was in her bassinet and my oldest slept on a pallet on the floor next to my side of the bed. Even my husband commented that there was something natural and organic about it...I'd say communal maybe...It was nice.

Second, the baby was in great shape, yesterday anyway. She went to the Dr. for her 2-month immunizations. She weighed in at 13 lbs. 12 oz, which puts her in the 95th percentile for her age, and she's in the 92nd percentile for her length at 24 1/2 inches. Doc gave us a clean bill of health and said she looked fabulous! Just when I thought we'd escape any post-shots fussiness, fever, etc. I was proven wrong. She slept more than usual and ate less than usual through last evening and today. By 6:00 this evening, her temp was almost 101 degrees, and we had our first bout of projectile vomiting (of course I was holding her when this happened). To top it all off, my husband has had a nasty cold since last night, and he's running a low-grade fever, so I don't want him anywhere near the baby. I just lucky I've got an immune system made of cast iron..(knock on wood).

Also, I read my very first book for pleasure since finishing my prelim exams in September!! It' s an emotional, poignant, and powerful collection of feminist-activist-mothering essays called Breeder: Real Life Stories from the New Generation of Mothers (Eds. Gore and Lavender). I cried, laughed, and empathized the whole way through, wondering why there aren't more essays like these. (Note: For pregnant friends who may be reading this, don't buy it because I'm buying you a copy for a shower gift!)...

For now, I'm off to tuck the big girl into bed, rock baby to sleep, kiss sick husband goodnight, and hit the sack.

P.S. For the record, I've even gotten back to the gym!! I mean really gotten back into my workouts, lifting weights, powering through the step machine, and crunches galore. I forgot how toned (and thin) I was pre-pregnancy until I tried to get into my old jeans. And thus, you've got my New Year's resolution - get into ALL old clothes.

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Sarah said...

Hooray for big babies :) At least she wasn't in the 90th percentile when she came out!