Monday, April 30, 2007

New Things

So, lots of updates today..I didn't realize I'd been such a blog-slacker these days. Needless to say, I survived last weekend with both girls while hubby was at a conference. And to top it all off, Baby E got her first 2 teeth while he was gone!! Yup, 2 at the same time...lots of slobbery fussiness to go around, but when they broke the skin, all was well with the world again..Well, almost..

The same weekend hubby was gone, our home pc died. I mean really Died. Like won't even turn on. My mom found out about this, and as hubby's b-day was April 27th, she offered to give us a joint b-day present (even though mine's not until July): a NEW COMPUTER!! Seriously!! A brand new Dell, with all the works! I don't know where *this* mother came from, because she's never done anything like this before, but it TOTALLY kicks the ass of the $50 b-day check and card my mother-in-law sent my husband!

And count them - not one but two - family vacations planned! At the end of May we're taking a road trip back to home state (6 hours). Then, catching a ride with my mom the following day to head to Missouri (7 hours) for my cousin's graduation. Let's see, the cast of this road trip includes: Me, hubby, 8-yr old H, 6-month old Baby E, and my Mom! My uncle has said this will be an EPIC adventure. Luckily, my mom drives an oversized mini-vanish kind of thing, a Terraza, complete w/DVD player and plenty of room for us to stretch, etc. The 2nd vacation is for the first week of July. We'll be back in home state again for a week, and while we're there, hubby and I are taking H on a river float trip! I'm soooo excited about this! I haven't been since I was 21...and believe me, I was a very different person at 21! They've since banned alcohol on the river, so I'm hoping it will be a much more family friendly atmosphere. And, since I'm no longer the rough-it-in-a-tent-in-the-middle-of-July kind of girl, we'll be renting a small cabin that has air conditioning so that we can survive the nights. My mom is going to watch the baby for the 2 nights/3 days we'll be gone, and it will take place on the 4th of July holiday, so lots of fireworks, fishing, cookouts, etc. will be taking place, and hubby and I will get some much needed "fun" time together.

We're getting a head start on the "fun" time though. Since he and H were gone again this weekend for the last of the Princess Guide daddy-daughter camp-outs, I've demanded some alone time with him! We've arranged for a babysitter for this Saturday night, and we're going out for Cinco de Mayo drinks, appetizers, and a movie! I'm especially looking forward to it because it will initiate my new pill cycle..."What's that" you ask?? Welll......

I recently found out that the birth control pill I've been taking since Baby E was about 6 weeks old was responsible for my loss of libido, hair loss, and mild depression!! Oodles of fun I tell ya! Yes, I kept wondering when I'd feel "that way" again. I kept chalking up my non-interest to being tired, being stressed, or any number of other things. I never thought that my BC could be to blame. And when I asked my hair stylist about the hair loss, she just said that if hair was falling out, that meant new hair was growing in..I was puzzled by this, especially since the clumps of hair that came out while I was washing & conditioning my hair were fairly significant. But, I had no other ideas for the cause, so I just let it go. And the depression. Yeah, once again, I just chalked it up to all the other things going on in my life: diss work, busy time of child's school year, tiredness, stressful funding failures, etc.

Nope. It was the damn Yasmin! I did some research and found out that it contains the highest amounts of anti-androgens of any bc pill on the market!! AKA: it kills the testosterone that gives you a sex drive! The research also revealed other reports of hair loss, depression, etc. (some women reported suicidal thoughts even!) Needless to say, I was just glad to have an answer, and I immediately called my dr. to get the pill switched --whew.

New computer. New pill. New child care for baby. New summer schedule for H coming up soon. And I'm hoping for some new alone time with hubby.

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wwwmama said...

Yay for new things!!! Everything sounds great. Especially the new Dell. Oh, and the awesome vacay plans. And especially your upcoming nookie sesssions. I used to be on antidepressants and the libido killing side-effects were such a bummer. (Um, what can I blame it on now... pure laziness, I guess.) I think summer time usually brings my libido back to life!