Tuesday, October 23, 2007

My Buzzy Bee: She's One Year Old Today!

Today is E's first birthday! Instead of a party, on Saturday we took the girls to a Country Fair that was sponsored by our church. We pulled E around in her new wagon (a great gift from my dad) - which she loved - and let her take a pony ride, pet goats and llamas, sit next to a baby deer, and munch on the apples her sister went bobbing for. A fantastic family day! No decorations, no planning, no chaos...it was just what we wanted. On Sunday, she did have one birthday guest; her friend Wild Man, who was born just three days before her, came over to exchange gifts and enjoy some of the Buzzy Bee cake I made! Again, very low-key, but still special to her and us.
So, a big Happy Birthday to E, one of the busiest bees in my house!


mom said...

Happy Birthday to Her!! My Thing 2 has his first in a couple weeks...very exciting!

Also, please do update us on the conference!

M said...

We had so much fun watching E devour her bumblebee cake. Thanks for including Wild Man in her special day!