Thursday, May 29, 2008

May Day, May Day

What the hell have I done?

In an attempt to give my in-laws a heads up on what will be a chaotic December for us (it's our year to spend Xmas with my family in Home State, then I'll be at MLA the 27th-30th, and we still haven't even ironed out the details of the girls spending several with grandparents in Home State), I extended an open invitation to them to visit anytime over the summer. This would work especially well since Hubby and I aren't teaching and his mother, who also works with a school system, is out for the summer. Well, she's technically out, but then her full time job becomes spending the entire summer at the Jersey shore...literally...the entire summer. She's not even there with my father-in-law; he's only able to join her on weekends b/c of his schedule as a teamster. So, I send her an e-mail last night, complete with open invitation and a thorough explanation of how crazy things will be in December. Her reply??

Basically, "Thanks for the invite, but we can't come in the summer. Oooh, I've got a great idea. Why don't we come while you're gone and help Hubby out with your children?"

Um, how about fuck no?! Are you kidding me!? This is THE LAST THING I want to imagine. My house and my children's schedules completely trampled on by the people who a)don't know how to cook a healthy meal to save their lives and b)have no respect for following the schedule of a toddler (among other things). I won't even mention the obvious fact that she's simply relishing the idea of getting the joy of visiting her son without the accompanying Evil Witch he married.

I don't know how I'm gonna do it, but I have got to figure out a way to put the kabosh on this idea before anyone even thinks about implementing it! HELP! What can I say? What can I do? I can't even stomach the thought of my in-laws visiting my home and caring for my girls without me there. Surely somebody can help me come up with a Grand Plan of Derailment!!?


Lisa Dunick said...

bring hubby and the kids along to MLA- you have to pay for the hotel room anyway. And the kids will LOVE the sea lion. Maybe they can hang out with mine :)

Mana G said...

Assuming -- as the gist of your post definitely implies-- that your MIL is not, generally, speaking, a reasonable woman, I'd suggest finding some way to avoid it entirely. Taking the husband and kids with you might be a good step, but if that's not feasible, I'd suggest simply taking a stand on the issue. Your MIL has no right to infringe upon the routines of your little ones; make sure she KNOWS it. However, if you truly are the "Wicked Witch" in her eyes, then be sure to get backup from your husband!

Jennie said...

Do they really think you're an evil witch?

How about something just like her response to you?

"Ooh, thanks for the offer, but a December visit doesn't work for us this year. Our invitation still stands for the summer if things change on your end, otherwise maybe next year."

AcadeMama said...

ld: Oh how I wish we could afford 4 plane tickets to San Fran! My girls would love, love the zoo (and playing with other little ones).

mana g: You're totally on the mark my husband helping me take a stand!

jennie: Unfortunately, yes, his mother really does think something along those lines. Maybe not evil, but she definitely considers me the One Who Took Her Son Away. His dad is pretty laid back; I don't think he thinks ill of me. His mother, however, makes no attempt whatsoever to even acknowledge my existence most of the time, and letting her know I'd be gone was probably music to her ears.