Tuesday, February 20, 2007

It's No Wonder

It's really no wonder that the state of Texas has one of the nation's highest drop-out rates for highschoolers. With a former Governor, and now President, who has oil rather than education at the top of his priority list, we're lucky schools are even open. In order to appear to be doing something to balance his budget - yeah, the one that nobody holds him accountable for - Cowboy George has proposed to completely eliminate the Even Start Family Literacy Program. Keep in mind, this program costs only a fraction of 1% of his overall budget!! I don't know about you, but my math tells me this kind of budget-pinching really doesn't do sh*# in the long run except hurt low-income families who have made learning, literacy, and family education a priority. Gee, and I thought these were some of those good ole' American values we keep hearing about??

This (along with Mommy,PhD's video post) has gotten me thinking about activism, and the kind of example I want to set for my two daughters. So, I'll be doing some research to find out what kind of opportunities there are for tutoring low-income families who are trying to learn English and participate in their children's education.

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wwwmama said...

That's cool. I've thought about what kind of model I want to be to my daughter too. I have fantasies about helping her volunteer and get involved with worthy causes. Kids are the best inspiration for us to change the world.