Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Bad Day Gone far...

What started out as a bad day is starting to look up. This morning, it took me 15 minutes just to get out of my little subdivision to the Main Rd. I usually take to campus. Mind you, the total distance is probably only half a mile! Considering the back-up, I decided to take an alternative route. Of course, when I pulled up to the second main intersection, I was greeted by stoplights that had gone haywire and police directing very slow 8:00 a.m. traffic. I thought to myself: "Maybe the stars just aren't lining up for you today." Nevertheless, I trooped on.

Then, as I'm walking E into her montessori, I realize I've just locked my ONLY set of keys in my vehicle! Unlike any other normal vehicle in the universe, this vehicle has no lock key. Rather, it has only a keyless entry opener, and we only have one. Frustrated by the fact that I'll now have to call the Pop-a-Lock people - and thoroughly convinced that the stars are lined against me - I walk into the baby room only to find that a "sub" is filling in for the main caregiver. Arrghhh! Granted, this is the first time a new face has ever appeared, and it only appeared this time b/c they needed someone to be there at 7:30 a.m. But, E wasn't too keen on the idea of being held by New Person, and New Person seemed a bit flaky. She's had experience as a sub at the montessori, but she usually fills in for assistants (not lead teachers), and she usually does so in the toddler rooms (not the baby room). So, there I was, waiting for the $30 Pop-a-Lock man to show up and waiting for the other Regular Caregiver that works in the baby room to get there. So much for being early today.

But, the day got better when I walked into my usual Starbucks. Before I even got to the register, my favorite barista had already made my "regular" drink, and he was handing it to me as I paid! How great is that?!

Then, my students brightened my day with their shy blushes, giggles, and quite accurate explications of one of the day's assigned poems: e e cummings's "she being Brand." It's always fun to teach this poem! It's fun for the students who "get" the implied metaphor, and it's fun to watch those who are "getting it" precisely as it is read aloud in class....They just can't believe they missed it! They also read Swift's "The Lady's Dressing Room" and Montagu's "A Gentleman's Study," both of which a) totally grossed the out, and b) gave them some idea of just how dirty and crude grooming habits in the 17th & 18th centuries were.

In short, they made my job quite easy today and gave me some laughs too boot! Maybe the day will continue getting better :)

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mgm said...

Oooh, I *love* "she being Brand." I've had students read it out loud before, if they are brave enough. They just love it! And I love the Swift poem. Students are so shocked that an 18th century writer could be so crude!