Thursday, September 20, 2007

A Pirate and a Bumblebee Walk Into...

the living room!

That's right...It's the Great Pumpking Charlie Brown! Halloween is near! And Nana has just purchased Halloween costumes for both girls :)

H will be a pirate, this one to be specific, though she will be wearing a tank or tee underneath (I've just noticed the little belly exposure). And there will be no least not the ones in that picture.

E, who will have just turned 1 by the time H-Day rolls around, will be the cutest damn BumbleBee you ever saw! She just learned how to make the "buzz" sound, so I thought this would be a perfect costume for her!

I'm so excited for Halloween this year...But with two girls to take around our safe, quiet little neighborhood, nobody will be home to hand out candy :( Which means I won't have any reason to buy Halloween candy - double boo! I'll figure out a reason by then, I'm sure :)


mgm said...

Argh, matey! That's a great pirate outfit, though I totally agree about needing a tank or tee underneath. And that bumblebee is just too darn cute.

I thought about letting The Toddler be a pirate, but he said last week he wanted to be a tiger and said this morning he wanted to be a "Trick or Treat pumpkin." I'm thinking about making it so who knows? He might look more like candy corn.

mom said...

I think a pirate is a great alternative -- I hope she gets a hearty laugh - and re: your comment on my post -- never a princess? You are my IDOL.