Friday, July 23, 2010

A Good Thing

So, the out of the blue job opening??? I have an interview! I woke up this morning to find an e-mail from the dept/search committee chair asking for a phone interview next Tuesday. This is lovely and wonderful, and I'm prepping as I type. The only catch? My colonoscopy was scheduled for Tuesday morning and Amelia's EEG** is scheduled for noon the same day. Notice I said my appointment "was" scheduled...I've cancelled it for now, and they're going to call me if they get a cancellation before we leave on August 11th. I took the latest slot they had in the afternoon, and hopefully it will allow me enough time to be there for the duration of Amelia's visit with the pediatric neurologist. People, I could use some good vibes...this could be a very good thing for our family.

**I'm just now realizing that I haven't blogged about Amelia's passing out episodes, but yes, we've had 3 of them now. One last fall in Doha, and two since we've been back in Home State (within about a week and a half). They don't quite look like seizures, but they want to take a look and try to figure out what's going on. I'll try to blog the details later.

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