Wednesday, July 28, 2010

How much do I hate waiting??

Lots. I have an infinite hatred of waiting. Sigh.

The interview yesterday went as well as it could have gone, I think. I was prepared for every single question they asked, mainly because they asked very simple, basic questions.

"Describe your teaching philosophy."
"How would you feel about teaching outside of your specialty? For example, Romanticism instead of Rest/18th c. British literature?"
"Tell me about your research plans."

Really, how could anyone *not* be prepared to answer these questions? Anywho, it lasted about 30 minutes, there were some good moments, and I got the sense that these are really congenial people that I'd enjoy working with. They even told me a bit about the tenure requirements, which are *totally reasonable*. I have no idea how many people they interviewed, but they're moving fast on the position. They said they're bringing people to campus in 1-2 weeks, and they know when I'm leaving the country, so there you go.

Now I wait. Did I mention how much I hate waiting?


L said...

It must bring an impossible feeling of helplessness, all this waiting... I'm glad that the interview went so well and do keep us posted! We can wait with you, maybe that'll help. :-)

Maggie May said...

infinite hatred of waiting- strikes me at the title of a short :)

good luck !