Friday, January 20, 2012

I Did It

I applied for a non-academic job.

It's very possible that nothing will come of it and that there are 10 other people vastly more qualified than myself. But, I did it.

It's a position in the Center for International Engagement at my current school. Basically, the post involves being the point person for all international and study abroad students, processing student visa paperwork, outreach activities for international students, being the coordinator for their honor society, assisting the Executive Director, hosting foreign visitors, diplomats, and/or faculty, etc. All of the responsibilities are things I've either done before, have some familiarity with, or would be very good at. They really preferred someone with experience living, working, and or traveling abroad....Hey, that's me! As well as someone who's worked with international students....Me, again! They also preferred someone with a Master's degre. Um, how about I do ya' one better?!

It's a full-time job with a salary more than twice what I make now and job security. If I were to get the position, it would mean that we'd be able to stay in New England for the long haul. These things are all good.

It would also mean that I would mourn the wasted time, money, and sacrifices of the entire 6+ years spent in my doctoral program. It would mean that I would grieve the loss of a dream about what I'd be doing with my life. It would mean several things that are not good. But, I'm not going to think about those things right now, because the application I just put in may never even get past the HR stage.

I secretly hope it does though.


feMOMhist said...

FABULOUS and no not necessarily, I mean I don't know at your exact school, but I still taught, on overload as ad admin, then got teaching wrapped into that position and the moved to T.T.

L said...

oh, bless your heart!

I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for you, maybe something will come of it! You know, I think of admin. positions like this one a lot, since I know several people in our current university who have such jobs. And two of those that I know and who happen to have phds still get to teach a class each semester. I think that universities are beginning to adapt to the new reality of the academic job market, etc.

Please keep us posted!