Saturday, December 09, 2006

Relactation Efforts - Day 2

Well, I got the nursing shields today. Not what I expected. They have a GIANT tip for the nipple space, and I still haven't figured out how the hell I'm going to get the baby to get the tip plus the bottom of my areola in her mouth. I finally just took the thing off and nursed her even with the pain. I also got the Fenugreek and the Blessed Thistle. They didn't have the capsules of the latter, so I'm taking 40 drops of the liquid form 4 times a day. It tastes disgusting, like rancid tea that's been sitting out way too long.

I also thought of a potential problem to this whole relactation thing...I'm supposed to try to nurse her every 2-3 hours (once we get the SNS), but she only rarely eats that frequently. Her schedule is more like every 3-4 hours...I'm guessing this will require me to rent the pump.

The last nursing attempt of the evening left me pretty discourged though. What I thought was a good latch-on turned out not to be, and my nipples were onces again bloody. This doesn't look good. I'm starting to feel like fate is completely against me breastfeeding this baby. I'm looking forward to seeing if pumping will help, as I have yet to see any drops (which isn't unusual).

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