Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A Few Pros and Cons To Consider

For those who know me in real life, the fact that this entire list has to do primarily with food will come as absolutely no surprise.

Pro: There are Starbucks here. Many of them. This makes me very, very happy! And, I'd have the money to not feel bad about drinking Starbucks.

Con: There are no Mexican restaurants. This makes me very, very sad. The closest thing to Tex-Mex would be the chicken quesadillas at Applebees.

Pro: Fresh produce--mangoes, dates, figs--from Lebanon and Syria is dirt cheap at the local produce market.

Con: Pork is forbidden under Islam.

Pro: A good connection to a "friend" at the local military base can get you a ham and some country sausage!

Con: Traffic is an issue; it's described as an "arms race," and the winner is the one with the biggest vehicle.

Pro: Almost all restaurants deliver, including the standard American places like McDonalds, Chilis, Bennigans, Arbys, Pizza Hut, etc., as well as all the local traditional places. The means one doesn't have to brave the traffic just to get dinner.

Con: Most montessori schools/daycares don't take children until they're one year old.

Pro: It is completely normal to have very high quality help, either a part-time or live-in nanny, provide child care in the home for extremely low wages...this person usually becomes just another member of your family, someone who all the children become quite fond of.

Pro: Families are always privileged over singles. In fact, there are some parks that are for families only. The Villagio Mall is only open to families on Fridays, and some restaurants cater their seating and facilities to families. For example, the Burger King has a two- or three-level indoor playground, along with these giant bouncy slide things outside.

Pro: The Corniche (pictured above) is beautiful for dinner outside, a picnic, or exercise.

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M said...

I hear you on the lack of Mexican restaurants. CU Land has one (as long as we aren't counting Taco Bell) and it isn't very good. But Mexican food is still a staple in our diet, as I continue to cook it a lot. It has taken some time to find good tortillas, though.