Saturday, March 14, 2009

First Class, Yeah Baby!

Today's travels began a bit ominously with our arrival to Home State Airport, dropped off by my mom, when I realized I'd left my purse at her house (45 minutes down the road). All our cash, credit cards, driver's license, etc.). Thank God my dad was home and at the ready to grab my purse--and H, who loves participating in an important job--and fulfill the mission of bringing my purse to the airport. Whew...luckily things have gotten significantly better.

Where am I?

The First Class Lounge for British Airways in Washington Dulles.

What am I?

Amazed that, for some people, this is how they're used to travelling.

Seriously, this is the only time I wish I had an iPhone-type gadget to take a picture and upload it directly to the web, as many of my graduate student friends would like to travel vicariously through me right now (hi Amy!). Forgive me if I sound like a hillbilly seeing escalators for the first time in life, but "Get out!" Unlimited open bar, champagne available upon request, open computers and free wi-fi, an espresso machine, fresh fruit and all sorts of tasty snacks (lots of Walker brand things).

In the future, if we're doing research-related travel, and thus travelling without the kids, first-class airfare could easily be how we spend all of our travel funds.

Not really...I don't think...but, you know, maybe once in a while?

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Lisa Dunick said...

British Airways first class-- good stuff. My grandma flew that once and brought home this ridiculous goody bag of body shop stuff.