Sunday, March 08, 2009

Why Do I Like This?

Everything in me doesn't want to like this song. Because of who I am, because I have daughters who will likely be part of the college culture described in the song, and because much of it is inherently misogynistic. And then there's the drug reference and the visuals that perhaps hit a bit close to home for someone who drank 4 nights out of the week as an undergraduate. I did the whole party thing, the drinking for the sole purpose of getting drunk, the keg stand to keep up with the guys, the beer bongs in my friend Heath's dorm room parties, and the occasional purging that sometimes had to follow such excess. What's sad is that I have so many really good memories of these times, and I remember them as generally fun even considering the hangovers and headaches that often followed. I guess maybe there's a certain nostalgia the song inspires in addition to the catchy hook and refrain. So why can't I stop hating myself every time I sing along?

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