Friday, March 06, 2009

RBoC: Friday Edition

  • At my OB visit this morning, my doctor proclaimed that I'd "have this baby by the end of April." That's it. No reasons given. Just an arrogant proclamation, which seems to be based on I don't know what. According to U/S measurements, the baby is measuring one week ahead. My fundal measurement is one week ahead. However, with two previous pregnancies and deliveries, my body has *never* shown any inclination to go into labor naturally. H was induced a week late, despite me being 90% effaced and dilated to a 2 for more than 4 weeks prior. Seriously, I hope this little bird stays in at least until her due date if only to prove the doctor wrong! Hmmph!
  • My doctor heard my yucky cough and congestion today and was concerned enough to give me a scrip for a Z-pack and order me to pretty much stay off my feet and do nothing but drink liquids all weekend. He doesn't mind the international flight in one week, but he doesn't want me getting on the plane unless I'm completely 100% healthy. Given this, he wants to do an U/S next Thursday to peek in on the little one, check the location of the placenta, and generally make sure everything's okay before I fly overseas.
  • I'm sad for my Mom, who is devastated at the loss of her cat, who had to be put down this morning. She's had the cat for more than 10 years, and over that time my mom has nursed her through kitty anxiety, a heart problem, and all sorts of things. Not that there's a good time to lose a cherished pet, but this is a particularly hard time for my mom to go through such a loss.
  • I got funding for my ASECS trip at the end of March!! All but about $75 of my trip will be covered--woohoo!
  • After I finish at ASECS, I'm heading to DC to visit my aunt and uncle, who are taking me to the fancy schmancy Italian restaurant, Obelisk. Five-course fixed-price menu that changes daily? Count me in! Personal tour guides for my first trip to DC? Check. Getting pampered at a house that could double as a B&B and is full of quiet, as they have no children? Yep, I'll take one of those too. Just the way to finish my travels before I come back for my lying in :)
  • H got her braces on yesterday! She's got a mouth full of teal-blue and metal. Since I associate braces with teenagers, this instantly made her look more grown up than I'd like. She looks like more of a typical pre-teen than a 10-year old.

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