Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I Hurt

For the love of God, I. Hurt. So. Bad.

Evidently, this is good news to the neurologist, as they can only determine the success of today's procedure if I'm having significant pain beforehand. That is, this will allow them to say either "Yes, see, now the pain is gone, and RF treatment is the next step" or "Huh? You still hurt? Well, back to the drawing board."

This pain is not good news for me. In order to save on gas money, I came to campus with hubby and have been working on my diss throughout the morning (rather than wait at home and have him drive across town to pick me up and take me back across town to the doctor's office). Because I'll be under anasthesia, I can't drink anything and I couldn't eat anything this morning. Without food, I can't take the steroids. Because they want me to be in pain, I couldn't take either the pain meds or the muscle relaxers. And, as if this weren't enough, I had an orthodontist appointment yesterday, where they added a second wire to my top braces (yes, two wires working in tandem) and tightened my bottom wire. So really, I wouldn't be able to eat anything without pain even if I was allowed. Today just sucks all the way around.

Sorry to bitch, but there's more. A long post will soon come regarding H's friendship with her best friend being pretty much terminated by best friend's mother (it's a long story). Last night found me trying to comfort a devastated H, who didn't understand what an "unhealthy friendship" means or why her best friend was being taken away.

My blog is ususally not a whine-fest, but there just wasn't a way out of this one.


Jennie said...

Oh, we're not supposed to use our blogs for whining? Obviously I didn't get that memo :-) !

Poor H. I can't imagine how that must feel for both of you. I was devastated when Luke said he was 'put in jail' by 'the bad guys' on the playground earlier this week (crawl tunnel, with boys blocking both ends so he couldn't get out). Thankfully, he's not as sensitive as his mother and didn't seem too phased.

I hope things get better for you both, on all fronts, soon.

M said...

I hope the procedure went well, and speaking as someone whose best friend's mother forced said friend to stop speaking to me when I was only a little older than H, that totally sucks. When did it stop being ok to let kids figure things out for themselves?

mgm said...

Oh, dang. I am taking pain meds for you. Your pains made me hurt in sympahty.

And poor H . . . I never had a friend's mother stop a friendship but I did have a best friend sophomore year in HS (who I had been my best friend since 2nd grade) suddenly stop speaking to me. When she finally condescended to be my friend again, she couldn't remember why she was mad at me. I haven't spoken to her in three years.